An application for on-line and off-line remote data capturing, conveniently and quickly adaptable to any need.

Health and safety​

· Reporting incidents or risks to the prevention service
· Preventive security observations
· Health and safety coordination visits report
· Incident and accident report
· Data capture for occupational risk assessments
· Issue of individual protection equipment
· Audits
     · Customisable checklists​


· Medical attendance check
· Analysis of critical geographical points by geolocated attendances
· Medical examination data capture
· Medical checklist verification
· Hospital maintenance incident reporting
· Home attendance reporting



· Non-compliance report and management
· Incident reporting
· Audits
· Quality surveys
· Customisable checklists


  Food Safety

· Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP)
· Food safety checklists
· Photo-incidents in kitchens 
· Audits
· Customisable checklists


Remote employee monitoring and reporting

· Sales visit reporting (geolocated arrival and departure times)
· Works visits reporting
· Expenses reporting (with photographs of receipts)
· Task management
· Employee presence control




· Operations control
· Work execution reporting
· Employee presence control
· Customisable checklists
· Photo-incidents
· Non-compliance reporting and management


Engineering and architecture

· Operations control
· Work execution reporting
· Employee presence monitoring
· Customisable checklists
· Photo-incidents
· Subcontract monitoring​


Public administration

· Inspections
· Public employee visit reporting
· Remote employee presence monitoring
· Customisable checklists
· Photo-incidents for local authorities
· Surveys

Other applications

· Warehouse monitoring and inventory
· Inventories
· Incident reporting to maintenance personnel
· Data entry for car repair shops and vehicle inspection
· Monitoring defects in production lines
· Product supervision in supermarkets​
· Etc.